Addressing social challenges through education, communication, and technology

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Here are a few of our projects

Barrilete publishing house

This project develops literacy skills through the creation of culturally relevant stories, empowering children to engage with their surroundings and be part of the solution-building.

Currently, we have our first two children's books in the illustration process, and we are starting the writing process for two more books.

El Zipe come rosquillas.
El tesoro del caracol azul.
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Barrilete App

Our platform emerges from a grounded research process about and with the communities and their needs. This makes Barrilete different.

In the platform we addressed contents studied in class to be strengthened while also addressing issues like gender, health, and nature preservation. 

Human center design.
Design to work offline.
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Education for Ngäbe-Buglé seasonal migrant children

At Barrilete we seek to develop reading and writing skills through the creation of culturally relevant stories, which allow children to problematize their environment and be protagonists in the construction of solutions.

This project began with a visit to the Ngäbe Buglé community, in which we had the opportunity to know and better understand their environment and needs in terms of educational resources. On this visit, we had the opportunity to co-write a story with the girls and boys of the community.

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Our services

We address social challenges through education, communication, and technology

We believe that education, communication, and technology are powerful tools for solving social problems. We believe that we can use our experience in these areas to innovate for inclusion.

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Communication & creativity

We specialize in communication strategies that drive social change.

Education & communication

 We offer research, communication, innovation, and technology services within the realm of education.

Technology & education

We design and develop technologies and platforms with a specific focus on education.

Human-centered innovation processes

We offer innovative solutions and design services centered around human needs, particularly for organizations seeking to address social issues.

Creation of culturally relevant educational content

We create educational content that highlights diversity and allows all children to see themselves as the protagonists of the story by showcasing their culture, ethnicity, and cosmovision; empowering them to build solutions for their communities. 

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